Heart and Soul – that’s the best way to describe what we do here at 41 RECORDS.

Founded by composer, producer David Knight, 41 RECORDS is a record label based in the Big Apple, New York City. The company focuses on four initial music genres – R&B, Inspirational/Gospel, Latin and Rap/Hip-Hop.

The mission is to captivate the listeners Heart and soul through song. Each melody and every lyric.

Now, what is Heart and Soul? It’s anything in life that touches your emotions positively, a poem, a love story or someone simply saying, “I love you.” Heart and Soul music is a song that makes you cry, sing, dance, hum along to, or fall in love. And that’s what we’re all about!

With each song, artist and production. We stress artistry, originality, creativity and quality. We zero in on solid, live performances on stage and in studio. We demand the best out of ourselves, not only in the music we create, but as a conscious business.

Finally, we believe music is for the world. Our music is for EVERYONE– regardless of age, creed, color or persuasion.

Ok, enough about us, welcome to the home of “Heart and Soul” Music, 41 RECORDS.

David Knight

David Knight

Founder & Director

As founder/director of 41 Records LLC, David Knight is committed to creating music with “heart and soul” – lyrics with meaning, melodies with feeling.

During his youth in Queens NY , David was inspired by many genres of music – funk, soul, pop, jazz, classical and Latin. While attending Five Towns College, he formed the early nucleus of the band Chace, which performed throughout the Northeast. After he wrapped up his studies, David opened his own studio, Full Range Recordings. For the next several years, David wrote, produced and engineered music for a multitude of artists and projects such as Fonda Rae, The Ford Motor Company, PF Flier sneaker’s and SWV.

Due to his love of cutting edge of technology, David served as the co-producer of the New York Music Internet Expo. In this capacity, he helped bring together independent artists with new, digital technology – with the goal of working with such talents to distribute their music via the internet.

From there, he launched Music Talks Education Network. This effort was an online and off line educational network, established to motivate and educate recording artists seeking alternative knowledge in understanding the new music industry model. Music Talks diverse curriculum of entrepreneurship, personal development and artist development, would become catalyst that helped David create 41 Records.

Today, David is committed to reaching music lovers, with artists dedicated to creating songs that moves one’s heart and soul. Thanks to our current roster as well as new artists on the horizon, David Knight and the 41 Records family are well on their way to making this a reality.