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oneLyrics by
Tracy Wilder

Music by
David C. Knight
Randy Battiste

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Feeling free and doing whatever your by my side, so glad together. Before you came I was down and out. Now you’re here and I know what it’s all about.

Hey baby you came right on time. I’m so happy that I’m flying high. Hey baby you came right on time. You put a light in my shadowed life, yeah!

When I hold you I feel love inside. I can’t really believe that your mine oh mine. Hang on with all your might, come with me and we’ll both live life, come on!


Hey baby you came right on time. I’m so happy that I’m flying high. Hey baby you came right on time, stay forever or just a little while, little while!

Copyright 2015

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Working on getting the background vocals “Right, on Time”

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Right on Time tells a story of love, happiness and freedom, from dark to light. When something you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. It’s liberating. It sets you free! The feelings of happiness and being grateful fills you so much that you sing and dance!

And while this song is about meeting someone special and starting a relationship. Something coming “Right on Time” applies to most anything good. A new job, money, a friends help, someone providing comfort or the birth of a new baby.

It all comes at the very moment you needed it. Just when you feel you can no longer handle your current situation. Relief, joy, freedom, happiness, liberation and the light comes… “Right on Time.”
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Release Date: June 1st 2016

Tracy Wilder

David C. Knight and Randy Battiste

Produced By: David C Knight


Drums: Richard Harrison

Bass Guitar: David Knight

Guitar: Randy Battiste

Keyboards and Synthesizers: David Knight

Lead Vocals: Tracy Wilder

Background Vocals:
Tracy Wilder
David Knight

Scat Vocals: Rhea A. Knight

Recording Engineer: David Knight

Mix Engineer: Marshall Haze

Mastered By:   Marshall Haze

Album Artwork by: Maggie Hernandez
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Playing Right on Time 1981
Playing Right on Time 1981

When I think about “Right on Time.” It reminds me of the early days.  It was the second song that Chace recorded and it sounded half way good! It inspired us to do more.

I remember first coming up with the bass line sitting on the edge of my bed in Long Island NY. It was all about the FUNK.

But for this production I felt the bass line needed to be more of a dance feel, still funky, but danceable. I also felt it needed less notes and less slapping. How I came up with an altered dance version of the bass line, yet it still over all sounds the same as the original, is a mystery to me!

I like the song much better now. If fact! I hated this song back in 1981. You’ve gotta remember. When this song was originally written. Prince, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Lionel Richie, Change, Chic and so many other hot artists dominated the radio and record charts!  I did not feel “Right on Time” was as good as their music! Chace wanted to be out there with them.  I did not feel Right on Time would get us there.

In 2013 when Tracy and I began listening to songs we wanted to do. Right on Time popped up. We said, “oh! What about Right on Time?” The only thing on my mind was, ugh, I really don’t like that song. But we listened. It’s amazing how years can change everything. I still wasn’t in love with the song. But as a producer. I started hearing it with a fresh set of ears.

Ideas started forming. Unlike the early days. I now have an arsenal of instruments, sounds, synths, musicians and talented people all around me.

Recording Right on Time vocals summer 2015!
Recording Right on Time vocals summer 2015!

It’s funny. When Chace first recorded this song. We used a studio on Queens NY, called Monkey Hill. The only keyboards they had were an ARP Odessy and a Yamaha CP70 electric baby grand piano. We were very limited in our tools. On today’s production of the song. We have layers of strings, synths and sound FX’s. However, the basic clav and piano parts is what I pulled from the original version to maintain it’s authenticity. I began recording the song at 4am on a Saturday morning in 2013. It was the fist time I even thought about playing the song since 1981.

Ok, I’m a bass player. I play (some) piano, but primarly to write songs. So playing Vicki’s original keyboard parts, I was not a happy camper!. She’s an awesome pianist. Her chord fingering is tight. I called her and said, hey Vicki. “What was your fingering for Right on Time?” She said, “knot head, why are you asking me that?” “I don’t remember!” “I was winging it back then!” Oh! Knot head is what she use to call me, LOL. And I guess she still does!

Victoria Lampkin

I was in shocked when I figured out her parts! I don’t think I got them 100%, but hell, it’s close. The song took time to come together. I was always doubting myself. Asking myself, am I taking this in the right direction? Will people like this?

My questions were answered when Tracy and I started laying down the background vocals. It was the first time we sang together since 1991. But it was like we never stopped singing together. It felt good! I love her deep rich and raspy voice. It was different this time. We both had grown so much! We made choices with the background vocals and just did it. The core background vocals were recorded in a single session.

Monkey Hill Studio
Randy B. Monkey Hill Studio

One of my biggest decisions was the guitar. Randy B, our original guitar player is often busy working on projects in his studio. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted the original guitar parts and solo, or just go for something new! But I always revert back to authenticity and originality. And with that. I send him a text saying, “hey Randy, would you be interested in recording your original parts for Right on Time?” His reply, “sure.” He’s a man of few words.

I sent him the tracks! I wanted the original chords during the verses. He wanted to play single notes, “picking.” I did not like it at all. I felt it lost the original fat/phat guitar sound! Then I realized. With everything else I have going on in the production. The single note picking works better. He gave me a couple of different solos but I kept the original one. I like the jazz sound and feel on a funk dance song. I think it makes the song unique in its own way.

So right now. I’m loving Right on Time. It’s new energy, life and up beat is very refreshing. I never thought I would ever like the song. But I think it’s cool! I think what I like most about it is, anyone can enjoy it. Eight to eighty, blind crippled or crazy, you can get on the floor and just dance.

“Hey Baby, you came Right on Time!”


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Ok, so here’s one of the first recordings of Right on Time. This was recorded 35 years ago! WOW! Can you say TOP SPEED? We played this super fast. Poor Tracy. We played all night and by the time we got to this song, she had pretty much lost her voice.

Take a step back into the 1980’s….
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