January 21

Throw Back Thursday January 21st


Throw Back Thursday January 21st

My First Bass March 1978This picture was taken on March 30th 1978. It is the very first picture I ever took holding my very first bass guitar. I was 15yrs old.

My First Bass March 1978

I begged my grand parents to buy me a bass. My parents refused because they had spent enough money buying me instruments and paying for music lessons that I never took serious.

Thank God for grand parents!! Cause parents can be tuff!!

At the time this picture was taken. I was playing in my first band. A local band in Hollis Queens NY. A 10min bike ride from my home in Springfield Gardens.

We called ourselves M-U-1 (Multiple Unit as 1)

I would strap my guitar around my neck, grab my little bass amplifier grab one of my dads conga drums get on my bike with all of that and ride with no hands to band practice in the cold winter months. (for real, totally true)

I must have been out of my mind. And yes I did fall a few times..ugh!

Little did I know that the keyboard player in MU1, Clayton Gittens would end up working with me almost 40yrs later as a writer and producer with 41Records!!

Had you told me the day my sister took this picture that I would end up launching a record company. I would have laughed and said, yeah right!!

In 1978, I just wanted to write songs like Lionel Richie and play bass like Louis Johnson of the Brothers Johnson.

I now see. Everything that I did in between the time that this picture was take, to present day, was just preparing me!

Even putting great musicians like Clayton in my life at the age of 15!


Now that’s a throw back!!!

Oh! and this picture was taken 12yrs to the date of my son Kyle’s birth. March 30th 1990.

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